fredag 4 september 2009

Albin Julius greets his fans in Scandinavia!

Well, this is a blog in Swedish but as I promised Albin the link to this blog entry it is only fair to make this post in English so that he himself can read it. I will however translate this post into Swedish tomorrow for all of you who don't speak or know how to read English.

Now that I have explained why this post is in English lets get down to business. I managed to get a hold of the one and only Albin Julius. Frontman of the legendary band Der Blutharsh. Thats right! Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch who is in the starting grids to go on tour right now. I only asked him a few quick questions knowing that he is a busy man right now but hopefully I can post a longer interview after his tour, and follow up on some of these answers I got. I was also given some press information about the new album that will be posted during the weekend.

N&MI: What can people expect musically in Copenhagen on the 16th? All new material or will you mix it up a bit?

Albin: It is a journey through the whole history of Der Blutharsch. We even preform songs from Sieg des Lichtes and Pleasures.. and I am myself very suprised how they work with the new lineup.

N&MI: You've been at it for quite some time now. How many more years do you think you'll go out on tour.

: Well, I think as long as I like to play. Organizing a tour and being on tour is always a lot of work and huzzle, but it is as well a lot of fun, if you are with the right people... and for now we are with the right people. I did see The Monks 2 years ago and 5 over 65 year old men did show what Punkrock really is... so, I think I might even do a tour when 70, if I get that old... we will see...

N&MI: You will have a brand new album out in time for the tour and also a special single with Geoffroy D. Anything you want to say about them?

: About the Album or abut Geoffroy? I think I keep the dirty stories of the recording with Geoffroy private, better for him and me..... =)
Well, the new album is the new album, and if Tesco wouldn't always force me to write some stupid presstextes I would only advertise it with "new album" - but well, the Germans need some descriptions.... Here is the press information, so you can make up your own mind.

N&MI: Your music have developed quite a bit since the early years and I really enjoy every album, but there are people out there who only listen to the older material. Will there ever be another album in the style of Der Sieg des Lichtes again?

: Well, there are as well people who always only drink alcohol instead of taking LSD, but these people don't know what they miss, so what. I have no idea if we will ever record an album like Sieg des Lichtes again. Some people think it is a classic of the whole genre and I think you as an artist should never try to reproduce a thing which is good, it only can end in a disaster. But, and for my whole musical life I had this ideal - I never give any restrictions to myself, so maybe in 5 years I'll do hiphop or disco. Who knows what the future will bring. What it will not bring back is me wearing uniforms. I am either to old or to fat for them to look groovy....!

N&MI: I realize you are a busy man right now about to go on tour so last question. Is there anything special you would like to tell your fans here in Scandinavia?

Albin: Well, Swedish girls are hot. Swedish people beer sucks, and fuck, it is the 4rd time I come to perform in Copenhagen, and NEVER got a fucking "smorebrod"! So either this time I get a smorebrod or a good blowjob by a hot Swedish or Danish girl, or I swear, I'll NEVER come back!

N&MI: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions Albin. Until next time!

Well, there you have it folks. The concerts on this tour will most certainly be a night to remember with Der Blutharsch working through their back-catalog playing hits from Der Sieg... and Pleasures... and who knows what! Be there or be square! Oh, and if you are not a hot Swedish or Danish girl going to the concert in Copenhagen... Don't forget to bring some smörrebröd for Albin!

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